The Greening of Vancouver



The Greening of Vancouver

In the past, Vancouver has been promoted as "Spectacular By Nature"  The city, along with Whistler and Richmond, is planning to host the most sustainable winter Olympic Games ever. But just how "green" is our city? How sustainable is this community of over 1.75 million people? What are we doing to ensure our visitor industry doesn't cost the earth?

Vancouver may not yet be the most sustainable city in the world - which one is? But we are trying very hard to reduce our environmental impact. Vancouver  welcomes over a million international visitors a year, whose very act of moving from their home to this stunning destination results in the generation of much CO2. This portal has been developed to highlight the progress we are making as a community to face and deal with the challenges associated with climate change and to encourage both visitors and suppliers to do what they can to travel lightly on the land. 

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