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The last two decades of the 20th century produced mounting evidence that climate change posed significant risks to society. At the beginning of the 21st century, climate change has become a defining issue of our time. The importance of this issue is underscored by its magnitude and complexity: it is a global problem with wide geographic and economic disparity between the largest sources of the problem and those who will experience the greatest impacts. Many solutions often run counter to powerful entrenched interests and long-held patterns of individual behavior. All of this is happening amidst a global community that is increasingly connected by flows of information, people, commerce and environmental change. This collection brings together some of the world’s leading scientists and organizations and presents the essential knowledge underlying the issue of climate change. — Cutler J. Cleveland, Editor-in-Chief


Browse articles on climate change, organized by topic, and see a listed of "Wanted Articles" that you may be qualified to write.


What is the difference between weather and climate? What is the greenhouse effect? Can the warming of the 20th century be explained by natural variability? Answers to these and other essential questions from leading climate research centers.


From the formation of the Earth's atmosphere to the "carbon footprint," see the key milestones in the history of this important issue.


Learn about the lives and work of the scientists and decision makers who have shaped the fields of climate science and policy.

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Read the latest climate news and breaking climate research.

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