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Welcome to the Earth Portal Community – a free, social networking site for anyone interested in environmental issues.

Here your websites become portals to people, communities, environmental issues, places, animals and all aspects of nature. People like you are building portals to the issues and places we all care about. Through the Earth Portal Community you will be able to network and share news, information and ideas with friends and others.

You can already learn from a global community of environmental experts who make their knowledge available through the Encyclopedia of Earth. As a part of the Earth Portal Community you will be able to capture their knowledge on your own portal to explore, discuss, debate, and discover. You will be able to share your experiences, your views, your ideas with the world and become an “environmental blogger”. It’s fun, meaningful and powerful.

People matter. Members of the Earth Portal Community will turn knowledge into action and change, from their own lives to the whole world.  You will be able to join groups, express opinions, and shape the world together. You will make a difference in your own way.

Over the coming weeks the beta version Earth Portal Community is being introduced and modified by an expanding number of volunteers. If you would like to join the beta phase of the Earth Portal Community click on the CREATE PORTAL image. Select volunteers will be invited to improve the site as it becomes more and more popular for the public. We will ask for your input and take it seriously.

We invite you to join the Earth Portal Community now and receive updates about its progress and about the Earth Portal. In the meantime, visit the Earth Portal, the Encyclopedia of Earth, Earth News and Earth Forum.

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